Monday, August 25, 2014

StoneHouse Ministries International with St. Mary's Hospital Free Clinic Day!

This past Saturday StoneHouse Ministries International was honored to host several doctors and nurses from St. Mary’s Hospital and seven other visiting American nurses in providing a free medical clinic in the impoverished areas of Ponda Mali and Rhonda. The clinic was held in the facilities of StoneHouse Academy. The fifty three pictures (chosen out of five hundred) tell the story… so I will keep the dialogue short.

The St. Mary’s Bus arrived at StoneHouse Academy shortly after the tent went up early that beautiful Saturday morning.

As soon as the staff disembarked they were met by our neighborhood’s curious and ever present children.

Michelle, the wonderful lady in charge of this labor of love, ran everything like a well oiled machine. Her administrative skills are only surpassed by her friendly and pleasant demeanor.

There were many of our StoneHouse family members who came to volunteer their help that day, and as soon as we instructed them what to do they happily complied. That’s when the community began to arrive and line up for the free services.

There were all sorts of people. From the very old …

To the very young.

After being registered and screened for the type of help they needed, the patients were ushered into one of the seven school rooms for their examination. 

There were plenty of mothers with infants… Expectant ones…

Troubled ones…

Concerned ones…

And those that were just happy their children were going to get quality professional care!

Even some of the babies seemed excited! 

There were children…

Children with children…

And, sadly, children we could not examine without parents or guardians being present.

When lunch time rolled around we got to mingle with the nurses and make some new friends. Everyone wanted to know what we were doing in the Ponda Mali slums.

Some of our missionary friends, Jess and his wife Janet showed the Jesus Film throughout the day with other missionary friends Al, Missy and their daughters Victoria and Sophia helping with the children.

After lunch, activity in the streets increased, bringing more and more people in for examinations.

Throughout the day these wonderful doctors, nurses and their assistants, gave compassionate and professional care to those who otherwise could never have afforded it. These professionals encountered everything from ulcers to serious infectious diseases. Some patients with more serious conditions were instructed to make an appointment for a free hospital visit. 

At the end of the day, as the last patient went in to the ‘duka la dawa’ (drug store) to obtain their medicine, it began to rain.

Everyone was very tired but very happy about what they had accomplished that day.

There were emails exchanged, pictures taken…


... and then a mad dash to the bus.

This left only one very tired lady that came home with me.

Our special thanks to the staff of St. Mary’s Hospital, the seven wonderful nurses from America, the StoneHouse Family volunteers, our missionary friends and everyone who covered this project with prayer.

Please consider helping us at SMI continue to show the love of Christ and help the impoverished people of the Ponda Mali and Ronda slums with your tax-deductable gift. 

Much love …. The StoneHouse Family.                 

Monday, August 4, 2014

StoneHouse Academy

Whew! What a wonderfully busy and crazy week! The past seven days were filled with all sorts of last minute preparations for our big move to the new school. Then came the great two block Exodus… walking to the ‘promised’ land, and finally … our PTA open house at the new StoneHouse Academy facility. But, even with all the work… it was a fun filled and rewarding experience of biblical proportions.

The Exodus

When the Exodus finally came, it was ‘all hands on deck’. 

Everyone spent the morning getting everything out of the old school and ready to move to the new one.

After finding out what each individual could carry, God’s children gathered at the gate and waited for the ram’s horn to sound… (Well maybe a small party horn).

Caleb (James’s son) led the joyful procession down the dusty streets (Moses and Joshua were busy) toward the ‘Promised land’ all the inhabitants (neighbors) came out to watch. 

There were no Egyptians after them unless you considered the pharaoh (former landlord) who said they had to be out that day.

Soon they spotted the place the Lord had prepared for them… a place they could really ‘Rise and Shine’.

The children of God pushed through the pearly gates… (Well, maybe they were iron gates) and took the land… Hallelujah!

Laying all their burdens down and parking their gasoline powered oxcarts … they rested and began to rejoice in their blessings.

Knowing that God had promised that He would give them everywhere their feet touched, they made sure that every inch of hallowed ground was tread upon. It was awesome to behold.

Everyone rejoiced… the children with their new spacious playground, the cook with her new big kitchen (with a table too) and even the teachers with their first, not so big, teachers lounge.

Next morning they invited their ancestors (moms and dads) to come and visit this wondrous place.

Registration (the numbering of the parents) went well, and soon all proceeded inside the sanctuary for an encounter with God.

When everyone took their seats, the heavenly choir filled the room with God’s glory.

 Then the angels Cynthia and Beatrice led them in song. It was truly divine.

After describing what we, the children’s servants, wanted to do this coming year, we and the ancestors settled back and watched something truly remarkable. It was a video we made of some of our students getting to visit Lake Nakuru National Park. It is the beginning of something we want to do a lot more … field trips. Most of the parents of our students have never been in the park.

We want to thank those who have stood with us in this endeavor. We are making a difference in hundreds of lives both young and old. Please continue to stand with us as we press forward to bring action to the claims of Christ. May God bless you all.

The StoneHouse Family