Tuesday, February 26, 2013

StoneHouse ... Clearing the Land!

The Lord doesn't guide… where He won’t provide.

But the LORD said to my father David, 'Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart. (1Kings 8:18)

Hallelujah. Bwana Asi Fiwi! (Praise the Lord) Yesu ni Bwana!! (Jesus is Lord)!! He who put it in our hearts to build a house of meeting for the House of God to fellowship in... has begun to provide all we need to fulfill His desire.

If you have read the previous post on this blog you know how our Father provided the land we are now occupying just one day before we needed it. That seems to be how He will provide everything. Our desire now, is to chronicle the wonders of His provision throughout the building of our meeting house.

That last post was written before we had a tent or the money to purchase one… but in faith we said we would have one by the time we needed it. That was only 6 days away. We worked very hard that week to clear the land and make ready for the tent that He would provide us at the end of the week. There would be a lot of clearing, burning, and moving things out of the way that had to be done in a very small amount of time. But working hard together is building the real StoneHouse.

As we strained under the burning equatorial sun to prepare the land for a tent we knew He would provide, we received word that on the day before we needed to turn in the order to have the tent made and delivered by the following Sunday, a brother without knowing anything about our need and living halfway around the world had sent a gift to cover the cost of the tent with enough left over to begin our permanent building.

We had asked a tentmaker for a used tent but he was so moved by our plea that he made a brand new one for half price. We stopped our work and praised God.
The tent was delivered late Saturday night and we put it up early Sunday morning! That Sunday was a Hallelujahday. People were absolutely astounded when we told them what had happened. Every available chair was filled with some people standing but all were praising God.. Who is like our God? To see more photos of us working on clearing the land click here . To see more photos of the gathering click here  .

The next story of building will be a page so when you're ready, go to the  the top of the post and click where the page that says ... StoneHouse... Leveling the Land. That is the next segment on the building of the StoneHouse. Rememer... the building is not the StoneHouse ... we are. It has already begun to be an amazing journey.

Your friendly neighborhood missionaries...
 David and Cynthia

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A New Beginning!
So much has happened in the past 6 weeks it’s difficult to know where to begin. God has been moving on our behalf, opening doors and windows and showing us the way to go as we endeavor to be built up by His own Hand as a spiritual house made of living stones. 1 Peter 2:4-5


We have known for a few weeks that we needed to find our own place for gathering the people of StoneHouse Fellowship church. The search was exhausting and filled with hopes and disappointments, but in the end, with only twenty four hours before our last time at the present meeting place, we found the perfect lot suited to our needs; perfect because of the location, the price, the landlady, the lay of the land and the good neighbors. God is so good.

Yesterday was our last Sunday gathering at the Kenya Redeemed Church building. Separating ourselves to do a new ministry here in Nakuru was a peaceful and pleasant occasion.

James’ Bishop came with about 10 other people from his church in Nairobi, to ceremoniously release James Nyaga from his covering and responsibilities at Kenya Redeemed Church. He is now free to work with us in StoneHouse Ministries.

Six hours of singing, praying, teaching, preaching, personal testimonies, sharing and extending blessings, ended with anointing various leaders for those remaining with Kenya Redeemed Church. Then we ate together before finally going home. It was hot and dusty in that little 15x 24 tin building, but the fellowship was sweet.
Today men began working to clear our new land and make a place for a temporary meeting tent. This tent will keep us shaded from the sun and protected from the rain until we can build a building. All we need to do is find it and look for God’s provision to buy or rent this tent by Sunday, the 17th. There’s room for growth on this land and we will build according to the provision of the Lord.


Last year we had the privilege of bringing an entire family out of the slums. This wonderful family is helping us as we help them. Our desire is to assist them as they obtain a sustainable lifestyle. Patrick, Christine and their 5 children bring a lot of life and joy to our home and are involved in helping us with the ministries of StoneHouse.

Our hope is to bring more families out of the slums as we start businesses that will create the much needed jobs in Nakuru. This will bring opportunities for families living in the slums of Nakuru to improve their life situations.


Education is a very important aspect of StoneHouse Ministries. January began the school year for children here in Nakuru. This term we have been only able to assist 12 children. Many children will continue in the cycle of poverty without an education. We have many children still waiting for sponsorship and the list is potentially endless. Just eighty dollars three times a year will pay the entire annual school tuition for one child. Our next term begins in April. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry.

StoneHouse Ministries has assumed the responsibility and supervision of a school with almost 90 primary students. More than a few have been taken into the classes without paying fees. We want to help this school grow and continue to help educate and feed these precious little lives. We need your help.


This fellowship of women is growing in strength as they learn to work together. Each Saturday we gather at our primary school in small room with short benches and tables to work on. They are presently teaching each other different crafts and working at establishing this business together.
Our challenge has been and still is finding a market for these crafts. So far we have located only one curios shop owner that we have know for over 4 years, who is willing to take the crafts on a consignment basis. His name is Jeremiah and we are grateful to our friend for his willingness to help us.

When we asked him to sell our crafts he was quick to say yes, I will do it. He told us his story, how someone found him on the street and helped him get started with his business. Today he owns a successful curios shop in Nakuru and his desire is to help others in the same way.

We’re also working towards starting a sewing school to help train women and enable them to provide for their families. We would like to start with six sewing machines. To date we have donations for only 2 machines. We will also need tables, chairs, materials, and sewing equipment. Please, also, consider this ministry.


Well, that is what’s been happening with us. We want to express our deep felt gratitude for all our family and friends who have been supporting us with their resources and prayer. As we previously stated we could not do this without their love and concern.

We also want to extend an invitation to all those family and friends to ‘come and see’ what is happening with our ministry in Kenya. We would love for any who could make the trip to come see both the work of StoneHouse and experience the culture of Africa. We live less than ten minutes from the most beautiful game park in Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park.  You could stay with us in our house or remain in one of the beautiful hotels overlooking Lake Nakuru, just walking distance from our house. It would be the trip of a lifetime.


We are grateful for all the donations we receive. We would not be able to live here in Nakuru without your support, nor would The StoneHouse ministries exist without your giving.

Any donations will be appreciated. No amount is too small. Should your heart ever desire to help us …. Here is how you can do it. 

Please specify a ministry to give your donation to:

·        General fund

·        Church building

·        L.E.A.R.N.

·        Sewing School

·        Other

$80 per term                __________
$240 per school year    __________
Sewing School:
4 machines                                                                                    $75 each _____________
2 Sergers                                                                                       $75 each _____________
6 elec converters                                                                         $20 each _____________
6 tables                                                                                         $30 each _____________
6 chairs                                                                                         $20 each _____________
Full set up - 1 machine, 1 converter, 1 table and 1 chair.           $145 _________________
1 large cutting table         $50
Also need fabric, scissors, patterns, straight pins, thread, needles etc.  _________

You can send your donations to:

StoneHouse Ministries

999 Lola Whitten Road

Selmer, Tennessee 38375

Or click on the donate button on any of our blogs or website.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Aminifu na Kweli

There lives in Rose Creek Village, a wonderful and talented sister by the name of Cheres Pennington. She is wonderful because she is our sister in Christ and also a good friend. She is also very talented being endowed with the gift of creating beauty; a gift that her heavenly Father has given her and that she shares with the whole Village.

One Sunday morning, while two beautiful Christian songs played at our gathering, she created a beautiful work of art, finishing just as the music stopped. At the end of the second song all of us were completely spellbound and left staring at what had appeared. It was an awesome picture of Africans lifting their hands to the sky as the King of Kings appears on a white horse.

Across the top of the painting was written in Kiswahili…. ‘Aminifu Kweli’ (Faithful and True). Then she said it was a gift to all of us who had been called to Kenya. That picture now hangs in our living room   in Nakuru, Kenya and everyone that sees it, speaks of how much it inspires them. It inspires us as well.

The painting is a constant reminder of who we serve. He has been, now is and ever will be… Faithful and True. Once again He is proving His amazing grace and never ending love. Let me explain.

Those who have been following our previous post know that we are gathering a small segment of God’s children here in Nakuru, Kenya to begin a demonstration of what we have seen to be God’s family of disciples. As a result, two wonderful pastors and their families, like Abraham of old, have left all that is familiar in the hope of finding the freedom and power given to all men and women who desire to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven.

Their decision was not easy and remains filled with difficulties and insecurities. Yet they have never wavered… their eyes are on the One who is called…Faith and True… and they trust Him.

One of those difficulties was the religious culture existing in Kenya. If you begin ministry under a superior church officer (like a Bishop) you are not only morally bound to obey him but somewhat legally bound as well. This remains true even if the superior is corrupt or unjust.

There is little if any separation of church and state here in Kenya. The secular government backs up church leaders, many of which end up as politicians. As Americans it is difficult to understand the authority ‘pastors’, ‘bishops’, ‘prophets’ etc. have over the hearts and minds of Kenyan men and women. In America if you don’t agree (or like) the ones over you, you can just leave. Not so here.

James and Thomas being good and godly men know that rebellion in any form is not advantageous to disciples. So both these pastors respectfully wrote to their bishops and requested a full release in order to follow what they felt was God’s leading. This was accompanied by the signatures of all who desired to follow them. 

They were all given, not only the release, but blessings as well. One of those bishops is a real man of God. Briefly; I want to describe the encounter we had with this humble, wisdom filled man of God.
When we received word that James’s bishop would be present at our Sunday service I must confess I had some trepidation. When I asked about what he might do, James assured me that He was a real spiritual Father and man of God. This proved to be completely true.

Every Sunday morning I teach the church for a little over an hour. So when Bishop Absalom arrived with four of his elders I was in the middle of teaching on the subject of sin. Our tiny building had over eighty five adults and was jam packed. James met the bishop and his four elders at the door and ushered them to the front row. All who were seated found another place to stand or sit without being asked. I stopped and acknowledged them and then resumed teaching.

 I didn't know the four elders were coming with him. So it became a little unnerving facing five men in suits with very serious looks on their faces while listening to my every word without knowing what their intentions were.

Yet in just a few minutes, to my great relief, a huge smile began to spread across the bishop’s face. Later he would say that after hearing the teaching he was completely at rest with James coming to be with us. When I finished teaching the gathering continued with Bishop Absalom preaching. As I listened I was amazed at the wisdom and grace I heard coming from this man.

After the meeting was over we gathered all the responsible people together and began the work of sorting out the details of the newly created StoneHouse Fellowship separating, in a godly way, from those who wished to stay with the Kenya Redeemed Church.

When we first came to Kenya Redeemed church three or four months ago there were only fifteen adults and four or five children attending. That Sunday there were over ninety adults and thirty five children attending. Three groups of people had been meeting in that building for those months sharing the building, chairs and small PA system. They now desired to start completely over in a new place to accommodate the new Life that had brought them together.

The Bishop smiled and began to speak of how much he loved the teaching then quickly moved to making it clear that James needed to follow this new ministry that God had brought to Kenya. He even stated that all of Kenya needed this kind of teaching and that He would stand with us in forming the new church. I was both shocked and humbled.

There were a few men present hoping that the Bishop would strongly oppose what we were trying to do. But instead he not only endorsed what we wanted to do he had said he wants us to come and minister to his church in Nairobi. Who is like our God? His name is Faithful and True.

Now we must leave the comforts of having a place to meet and go out seeking our promised land. We face having to find a place to meet and possessing no chairs…. But we are not afraid. He who led us thus far will find us a temporary earthly home. Pray that we are able to quickly find where He wants us to be. Our journey begins next week. We hope all of our readers will follow us on this new journey and come to see why we call the One we serve….Faithful and True.

Your friendly neighborhood missionary sojourners    Dave and Cynthia