StoneHouse #5 Building

Well; here’s the last page in this section of building the StoneHouse gathering place. It will be short. I wanted to finish this part so anyone can go all the way through the building process with us. The post bringing you up to where we are currently is Here.

After selecting and preparing the poles (painting the base with used motor oil) we begin to put them in the ground and start ‘tamping’ the stones around the base of the pole.

Getting the right height is accomplished with only a string line and a twelve inch level because that’s all we had. Each post has to then be put in the hole, measured, taken out and cut to size.

The next step is taking the sawn wood from the mill and putting up the two inch by three inch top plate that the trusses for the roof will eventually sit on. Finally we attached the side timbers for the iron sheets or wood planks to be nailed to.

Once this is done we are ready to begin installing the trusses for the roof. Again you can see how far we have currently come by going Here.
The next page will begin interviews with the men who are building our meeting place and how our Father is building us together through working together. In other words we will begin to write about building the StoneHouse and not just what the StoneHouse will gather in.   Bwana asi fiwi.



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