StoneHouse #3 The Fence

Interestingly enough our fence has been our biggest advertisement for what we're trying to do. When we started building it we didn’t know how we were going to buy the materials we needed for constructing it. We began with putting up the poles and looking everywhere for something to make the actual fence material with, but everything seemed too expensive.

We needed the security but we didn’t like that a fence would block out whatever was happening on the other side. We wanted to be seen. After much searching we found a door company that had leftover 3 inch 6 foot planks from making door jams. James and I asked if we could purchase them and they said … “sure they’re only good for firewood.” We were very excited. Our estimated price was four times what we got them for.

So we began to put them up with a three quarter inch gap between them so folks could look in but not get in. We cut the tops like a picket fence, and started puting them up. They worked so good we ended up making the youth room, caretakers room, and eventually we will use them for the bathroom. Iron sheets are so hot and the wood slats would ensure that in the hot equatorial sun people would remain cool.

From the day we started putting it up people began to stop and comment on who nice it looked. We had several business men ask where we got that fence material and if we would be interested in putting one up for them. It gave us many opportunities to talk to the community about our fellowship and the building that would meet in it.

It took three days to finish it but people still tell us how wonderful it looks and are asking… “What’s happening here?”
Anyway building the fence has also built our faith and we love the fact that the One who is helping us from heaven has great experience in creative wood work.
Oh by the way, when we were finished one day and feeling like big strong construction workers… this dear lady walked by with what had to be a 150 pound hard wood log on her head. She was carrying her shopping in the other hand. Needless to say we felt a bit humbled. ;-)

Next page will be about selecting the wood. It's quite a process.


Kitty said...

I love the fence. Such a great way of building one . Neat that you got the planks as you did that is amazing too. Awesome how it has created opportunity as well.

Of course when I saw the picture of that lady with the log I was totally dumbstruck for lack of words. Wow how does she do that? Love ya.

Seeker of Light said...

People will know how much you care about them by the care you demonstrate with the seemingly small and insignificant things. A fence doesn't seem that important to put a lot of love and care into it. But it is an important statement that says, "I care about you. You are important." Lesson One: Do everything as unto the Lord!